Emine Bilginson

Emines fotvård stänger den 31 december 2023 tack till alla kunder

Medical footcare - Foot Specialist Emines fotvård.


ingrown nails, bunion, bunions, heel cracks.

I treat ingrown nails without surgery.

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Podiatrist Emine at work

Treat yourself to a pedicure consisting of

  • footbath
  • cutting, filing and polishing the nails
  • Grinding of thick nails
  • removal of corn
  • finnish with a footmasage

Medical footcare in stockholm.
Visiting address Hjälmvids Backe 79 Söderby

I can also make housecalls
Call me for booking at 08-646 98 50.

Take care of your feets now so they can carry you for the rest of your life.

Emine certified foot specialist.

Why you should come to me !

  • You get natural treatment for ingrown nails, so you avoid surgery.
  • You don't have to take detours and try different treatments for your inconvenience.
  • You get the right information if you suffer from warts, corns or other foot problems.
  • You get good results in the first session and can walk on your feet without the pain.
  • You get a painless treatment and information and recommendations about what you can do to avoid trouble in the future and the action is right for your feet.

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Footcare in haninge

Welcome to my private practice in Norra Söderby.

Emine Bilginson at the desk

Gift card

gift certificate for pedicure

Make your loved ones happy and healthy with a gift certificate for foot and nail care. Or a gift card for the birthday? You can order on phone 08-646 09 50.


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